Maria Pestana Teixeira
Graphic Designer at Mubi
Co-founder of Ossian Magazine



Wip sans serif Typeface

Type sketches, 2021

For Network Process Centric Leadership

The inaugural Sceptical Scot pamphlet. 

Bespoke type and design for Cosmic Play

Posters and banners for the second issue of Ossian, a bi-anual literature and arts magazine. 

Near, Variations is a collaborative publication directed by Tuomas Kortteinen. Between Ellipses, one of the 13 essays in the book, was design by Bex Liu and myself. Near, Variations is available to buy here.
Cover by Tuomas Kortteinen

Posters and banners for the inaugural issue of Ossian, a bi-anual literature and arts magazine.
Riso printed poster

First Issue of Ossian, a literature and arts magazine concerned with the contemporary sentiment. It brings together fiction, essays, journalism and comics with the aim of bridging the gaps in a diverse cultural scene. It seeks to show that everything is part of a bigger picture—no matter how incoherent that picture appears to be.
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For Furora Film Festival 
Berlin 2018

Sobborghi @ Rye Wax

Ghosts, Walls and Echoes—MA Final Major Project + Graduate Show Installation View at White City Place

New Genres, Invisible Structures is the script for a performative dérive around abandoned military sites.

New Genres: Invisible Structures is a performative dérive around abandoned military sites.
5 minutes video performance
Screened at Common Market, April 2018

Set of three risograph prints

Soajo/Lindoso is a publication looking at the importance of Espigueiros today. Espigueiro is a type of barn, mainly used to store corn, and a beautiful example of Portuguese northern vernacular architecture.

For F.

Sobborghi @ the Alibi

Sobborghi @ the Alibi

Invisible Structures: Ghosts, Stones and Sand
Riso printed Publication
Exhibited in Work In Progress Show 

Invisible Structures: Ghosts, Stones and Sand
Screen Print 100x70 cm

The Pluralist Newspaper, Issue 3.

Spider Woman is a chronology of spider—female representations across art, literature, film and popular culture.
Written by Camilla Brown

Presented in this book is a seamlessly flowing compilation of the research carried out by sixteen students at the Royal College of Arts, as part of the Book Test Unit. 
ISBN 978-1-910642-22-1

TYPE I is an experimental typeface exploring aspects of corruption and change in language over time, especially since the emergence of digital tools.
Exhibited in Typographic Singularity 2017

Brave New World is a book about itself and the digital ecosystem in which it exists.
Book Test Unit 2017

Still from I Love, 1 minute video